2-Look OLL Flashcards

I recently got into Rubik’s cubes using the beginner’s method (thank you badmephisto for the tutorial). Then I started learning learning F2L so I could complete the middle layers quicker. But while F2L is more intuitive, solving the last layer is more algorithmic.

I want to use 4LLL to solve the last layer because I’d “only” have to learn about 16 algorithms compared to the 78 algorithms for 2LLL. But it takes time to solve the cube to the point where I would need to use one of the algorithms I’m trying to memorize. So I wanted to just study the algorithms themselves, flashcard style. To do that I made a simple page.

The page isn’t anything special. Just some JavaScript/jQuery that randomly picks an algorithm from an array that’s hard-coded into the JavaScript and displays its information on the page. There’s no back-end to it or anything. It’s been a while since I posted a blog entry so I figured I’d upload the page to my site and make a post about it.

The page itself is here, and I made a GitHub repo for the page (not sure why) here.