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Getting Reddit Front Page Links on Android

Recently I got an idea for a mobile app which has sparked my motivation to learn how to make apps for Android. So I headed to the developer page and downloaded Android Studio. It’s been so long since I attempted programming anything for Android, the last time I did it was still done with ADT and Eclipse. So I’m pretty much starting at square one here. Unfortunately I ran into several problems just trying to get a simple “Hello World!” app to build and run. I could probably write a post just about setting that up.

The first test program I wanted to do was to try reading data from a website. The front page of Reddit seemed like a good candidate, so I went for that.

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What it ain’t, what it am

This blog is going to be a collection of math, programming, physics, etc. things that I’ve looked into, thought about, or find curious. Every now and then I see something or ask a question that starts me down a path of research and sometimes my curiosity leads me to program things, or try to discover principles, or do stuff in short. Up until now these things wind up in a lost computer file or sheets of paper that wind up in a drawer or the trash. These are things that I’ve put varying amounts of time into, and not only do I want to keep them around for that reason, but also if I found them interesting enough to pursue them, maybe somebody else will find them interesting enough to read them.So that’s what this blog is about, and I’m going to try to keep it focused on those things.

What I’m going to try to keep out of it are posts where the entirety of the content is photos of vacations, food I ate, music I like, etc. If I wanted to post things like that I’d just use a Facebook account.